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Velcome SEO, a strategic SEO audit to make the search engine optimization of your website better

Velcome SEO will realize a strategic SEO audit, and will advise you on all of the key words that will have to appear on your website. Our sector in charge of both writing and audit will look for the most relevant and accurate key words and expressions to improve your SEO on the Google search engine, thanks to adapted and efficient tools. This search for relevant key words will allow you to be better positioned among the Google search engine results and to boost your website, whether it be a showcase website or an e-shopping one.

What is the use of an SEO audit?

The SEO audit is vital to the process of acquiring online visibility. It will first be useful to find out how your competitors are ranked in the search engine results, and second to know how to react and to stand out. It is necessary to rely on a strategic audit that is relevant to your field, to then write quality contents for your website. By searching for relevant key words or expressions that lead to a specific action, your website will become more visible.

Choosing the expressions you wish to use

Writing the contents of your website

Creating your website tree-view

The SEO audit stems from the search for the most adapted key words for your website. It has to take into account the specificities of your occupation. When interviewing clients, it is very important that we have a thorough description of their field of activity, its ins and outs, in order to advise them the most appropriate key expressions.

The SEO audit allows you to pick the key expressions you want to use. We will know which ones to work on, to keep or improve your current position, or simply to add one you did not use yet.

Using key words for your search engine optimization helps guide the internet users in their search by offering them contents that are adapted to their request. The goal is to offer them coherent contents that are meeting their expectations, by using matching contents and integrated key words. Indeed, when an internet user expresses a request on his search engine, the list of websites on the result page takes into consideration the request done on the search engine. So the goal is to offer an appropriate response.

In short, the strategic SEO audit will allow us to structure your website (tree-view, page contents…), while guiding the user to their initial request on your website. It makes them save time, and gives your website added value.

The steps of a keyword search for a Google search engine optimization

The creation of a keyword search for a Google search engine optimization requires several stages. It has to be realized methodically to use the essential elements of your activity.

What are the pieces of advice that stem from the natural SEO audit?

The natural SEO audit enables us to realize many actions aiming at improving the search engine optimization of your website. A technical audit needs to be realized as well, to spot the flaws of your website (if it already exists). Once both audits are done, we will accompany you through the optimization of your website in order to modify its frame and its contents.

After the realization of the Google keyword search, we suggest a new tree-view. This tree-view the most optimum one to set up, but you remain the decision-maker. Our sole goal is to advise you on the best decisions to take to benefit from the best search engine optimization for your website.

Following this audit, we offer our web editors’ services to write SEO-optimized contents. You can also write the contents yourself, thanks to a training given by our writing team. They are specialized in writing optimized contents thanks to SEO through keywords.

Our services do not stop at the mere realization of a well-constructed and adapted website. We also guarantee a thorough follow-up of the results of your website, and we analyze the progress of its ranking on the web by regularly advising you to do a few optimizations, or doing them ourselves, depending on the option you chose.