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The SEO audit: the capacity to know one’s business potential.

First and foremost, an SEO audit allows us to know about the internet users’ expectations, and therefore that of consumers. In practice, an SEO audit allows you to analyze the users’ requests, to classify these by theme, to know the amount of time a key word is searched, and to deduce a strategy.

This strategy appears under different forms. First of all, the strategic SEO audit allows you to think about your website structure by classifying the key expressions by theme. Thanks to this classification, it allows you to write the contents of each of your web page. Methodically integrating these key expressions into your contents will enable Google to analyze your website and its attached themes. The SEO audit will also be useful for your SEA, in other words your online advertisement, by allowing you to select the key words and expressions to use.

It is essential to realize this natural SEO audit before setting up your strategy. This watch step allows you to analyze your market and to be aware of competition. This SEO analyze is realized thanks to the mastery of different tools so as to take into account all the expressions that could maximize the online traffic on your website. Velcome SEO deals with implementing your web strategy through various SEO audit tools, and guarantees that you will be well-positioned on a wide and relevant set of key expressions.

Strategic SEO audit

Thanks to a well-built SEO audit, made by professionals, the writing of your website will be more flowing and will for sure attract new prospects. The selection of relevant key expressions by the strategic SEO audit will allow you to appear in the results of an internet user’s request.

Technical SEO audit

To understand better the way your website works, we realize its analysis. It will help us understand the issues that prevent the proper SEO of your website, in order to find solutions. The technical audit is the assessment of your website. It is vital and it contributes to a good natural SEO of your website.