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About Velcome SEO, SEO agency from Toulouse.

Velcome SEO is an SEO agency from Toulouse, which is at the service of many companies all over France. We set our hearts on giving your website visibility on the internet. Our team is made up of various profiles with SEO skills that were acquired thanks to information and thanks to the analysis of our own work. The realization of the search engine optimization of our own website allows us to appear under your eyes today, being among the first results of the Google search engine, and to offer you our SEO services. We are natural search engine optimization experts, and we also provide services in the field of charged search engine advertising if you wish to set up a charged marketing strategy online. Discovering our work will make you understand the utility of SEO for your activity.

An SEO agency building its image

Velcome SEO is a search engine optimization (SEO) agency located in Toulouse and created by Grégory Lefrancq. In 2013, he decided to get into SEO, and therefore created his first agency, in Nice, and called it Velcome.

Why did he choose « Velcome » for an online SEO agency? Several reasons motivated this choice. Grégory meant to create a tool that would be user-friendly (so that anybody could use it), and wanted his clients to have ready-to-use solutions. The capital V starting the name of the company reminds of the victory sign we can make with our index and middle finger, and it also give things a cool aspect. This V also stands for Vente, the French word for sale, and more specifically refers to Vente En Ligne (online sale). It makes up the beginning of Vel! Our online SEO agency’s activity is to help very small businesses access the online sale market, and to trade (commerce in French). Hence the ‘come’ in Velcome. Velcome is also the Gallicization of the English word « Welcome ». Velcome builds its activity around offering concrete solutions to young companies searching for more online visibility.

Three years after, Grégory wished to move his company to Toulouse. This marked the birth of Velcome SEO, specialized in website SEO. Made up of two major poles (development and website SEO) it has now become one of the leading actors in the field.

We keep searching for new challenges, and today, we work with many companies and leading brands in different sectors, and seek to promote their activity on the web. Thanks to our precision and determination we try to give your activity the best performance possible through the use of internet tools we create or optimize for you. All this would not be doable without a team specialized in Google search engine optimization.

As experts in SEO, we can explain the use of an « About » page

As experts in SEO, we advise you to create an « About» page. Several advantages are specific to this page. First of all, it gives you the opportunity to introduce your activity and your company, keeping track of its history and its evolution. It also is the chance to humanize your website by featuring the men and women at the center of your activity, without considering hierarchy. You can mention your values and your products, the processes and the origins of the raw materials… There is no limit to what you can say. Any piece of information that can be an asset needs to appear on this page.

But above all, what is interesting to our SEO company, is that this page can constitute a considerable tool for search engine optimization. We consider it as the little sister of the Home-page, or put differently, the essentials to SEO. On this page, we insert all the key expressions linked to your company, but with a slight nuance from the ones used on the Home page. However, these two pages do not have the same use. The Home page allows users to have a glance of the activity, a general view. In what concerns the « About» page, it humanizes and highlights the values and the history of the company.

This page will enhance your search engine optimization and reinforce your corporate image. Rest assured, even if you think that too few people actually read this page, our SEO company will write it so that we can guarantee its use in the SEO of your website.

The composition of our online SEO agency

Our online SEO agency is made up of two major activity poles: one that develops websites and the second that optimizes the position of the website on search engines.