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Velcome SEO, the SEO-specialized web agency

Velcome SEO is a web agency that is specialized in search engine optimization (SEO). It has a lot of skills related to the digital world, such as the creation and optimization of websites, or such as natural or charged SEO. Composed of two major sectors (back / front end development and edition / audit), it is the ideal partner to give visibility to your activity. Whether it be a showcase website or an e-shopping website, our collaborators will know how to add value to your company.

  1. What is the purpose of a digital agency?
  2. Our web agency’s missions
  3. The pieces of advice we give

What is the purpose of a digital agency that is specialized in website SEO?

Velcome SEO is a Toulouse-based digital agency that is specialized in SEO, but intervening all over France. Nowadays, we hear about SEO more and more, but how can we define this activity?

SEO consists in reinforcing the position of your website’s pages on search engines, and mostly on Google’s. By position, we mean the rank at which your website appears in the search engine results. Your positioning contributes to the visibility of your website on the web. Our goal is to make you appear among the first search results. To do so, SEO relies on three pillars:

The three factors Google takes into account to reference your website are:




Our web specialized agency develops for you a high performance website that is accessible for your target. It represents an increase in clients and in renown for your company.

Our web agency’s different missions

A web agency offers a global service thanks to the different skills of its multidisciplinary teams. It can well be about SEO, website creation, or community management… Velcome SEO is, first and foremost, specialized in SEO, so we guarantee you a perfectly SEO-optimized website and the adaptation to your demands, for example by dealing with your community management. Velcome SEO takes in charge the following services:

These diverse activities aim at making our digital-communication agency one of the leaders of website SEO. It will make you save time, and will guarantee a better visibility on search engines.

Why is it interesting to contact a digital marketing agency specialized in SEO?

Today, SEO is in the centre of companies’ preoccupations, and our digital marketing agency has made it the heart of its activity. You may have thought that these missions could be realized alone, and would only take you a few weeks. However, once confronted to the reality of the work, you will realize that without the proper experience, these tasks are extremely complex to set up. We have the same feeling about that. This is why the SEO of your website is an occupation of its own. Our collaborators are spread on several clusters of activities, and will be able to guide you through diverse missions.

Among the first reasons that will make you look for a web agency is the execution of the many tasks explained above, but also the fact that an SEO agency gives your work added value.

It is necessary to analyze the statistics of your website, for example with Google Analytics. Our role is to realize a report on the evolution of your position on the web. It is important for you to understand the data defining your activity. Hiring our SEO agency for your website, you will learn to understand the data we will give you. Thanks to a full and detailed follow-up, and thanks to meetings we will invite you to throughout the process of your key word acquisition, you will be able to make your contents, products and other website pages better. SEO can be taught, and evolves throughout the years.